Available Rat Terrier puppies – No Ratties available at this time



Due to current circumstances, I do not know when I will have another litter available.

Check links here for other breeders in the area who may have some pups available or a litter planned: Rat Terrier Links


Let me know what you are looking for and where you are located and I will be glad to see what I can find for you. You may call me at 970 773 1215 or email me at ratraceratterriers at hotmail.com.
























25 thoughts on “Available Rat Terrier puppies – No Ratties available at this time

    1. Hello Tim,

      Thank you for your interest in my Ratties, but I just sold the last one. Let me know where you are located, and I will see who I know who has pups.

      Congratulations on your daughter’s birthday!

  1. We lost our male “wonder dog” Sammy, a 17 year old Rat Terrier (supposedly a full-bred Fox Terrier) about 3 years ago and I cannot endure finding another one at a Shelter that is NOT “the real thing!”
    Do you know of any in the Modesto, California area? We live in the country between Escalon and Riverbank on a little over 9 acres, with 8 being in almond trees. Sammy was wonderful at “catching” gophers and possums.

    1. I’ll see what I can find. Are you looking for a puppy or young dog, miniature or standard, girl or boy? I know of some breeders out in CA that have some good dogs, as well as AZ, but that might be too far. Some in OR also unless that is to far too.

      1. I may have found a puppy in Mariposa, CA. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work out.

        Linda S. Segal


      2. I’m so excited that I can hardly wait for the week (11/16) before the pups are released (at 8 weeks). Feel like driving up today to see ‘em!

        Linda S. Segal


      3. I live in Oregon and I am looking for a male trip-color puppy for late March or April or even a little later. I am willing to drive quite a ways for a good dog. My email is jtnotenboom@yahoo.com. I would like art least some Decker blood. Full grown weight of 25-35 lbs. ssmc best friend and the best dog I have ever known passed away a year ago and I just can’t stand not have someone like him around.

  2. Hello! We live in Boulder, CO and are looking for a rat terrier! We are open to a variety of ages. A standard size would be great. Papers aren’t massively important. Just want a healthy dog with a good personality We have a large securely fenced yard with a dog door and a 2-1/2 old shepherd who would love a companion. Please let me know where we can look for our new family member! Thank you!

    1. Roxanne Laing in Mariposa, CA, has Rat Terriers (Fire Mountain and Decker line, I believe), with papers for $300 (or some older ones that may cost $100 or less, if I’m not mistaken). We just got one and LOVE HIM!! He’s just beautiful!—inside and out!

      I thought I had her info on this computer, but it must be on another one. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get it for you.

      Linda S. Segal

      Linda S. Segal Cell 209-605-2541 (or 209-691-6072 to leave message)

      (email: lindasegal@charter.net or text my cell)

  3. Hello,
    I live in St, Paul, MN, and we are desperately seeking to get a male rat terrier. We had to put ours to sleep yesterday. It had pancreatitis, and the poor guy just wouldn’t get better. We are all devastated, and would love to get another one. Do you know of any place to get one.

    Shari Schultz

  4. I’m looking for a young Piebald Female to be my life friend. I recently lost my 13 yr old male. Can you help?

    1. Sorry to hear of your loss! Its so hard to see our companions go.

      I am more than happy to help you locate a new companion. Let me know where you are located and what size you are looking for (miniature, standard or Decker line). Also what time frame?

    1. All of my puppies are sold. Since you are in California, have you tried Lil’ Ranchin’ or Jacaranda? There are several other breeders in CA, but I don’t know who may have puppies at this time.

  5. My last Rat terriers was purchased from a family up near the Fresno Ca. area. She was a great little working dog. I was wondering if someone knew what the families name/contact was. Somewhere in Kern county. I forgot the name.

      1. No she was a standard. I think they hunted hogs with their dogs as I remember. I met them in Fresno this was probably 1998 or so. Had her for several years and the neighbors German Shepard got loose and killed her a few years ago.

      2. I know that Susan Slater-Hancock is expecting a litter of Decker line Rat Terriers soon. The sire is suppose to be a top hog dog. Maybe she would know who they were? Have you contacted either Bridget or Susan yet? Those two ladies would be my best guess for you at the moment.

  6. Hello, I live in New Mexico. We lost our male standard rat terrier to cancer in August. Miss him desperatly but its time for a new baby. Looking for a standard or giant male. If you know a good breader in our area or neighboring states please let me know.

    1. I am sooo sorry to hear of you lose! It is so hard to send them on ahead.
      There may e someone in Moab that has a litter. I have contacted her to see if she has any puppies still available and will get back with you as soon as I hear anything.

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