Rat Terrier litter – Spring 2013



Bear Tuff’s Miss EmmaLee and Guero Go Fast were bred in February, 2013, for a repeat litter. Last year’s litter turned out very nice, with very typey Rats, good size and excellent temperaments. We expect the same and better from this litter. I have had Em tested for PLL and she is clear. Guero is clear by parentage. So all these pups will be CBP also.

The owner’s of last year’s pups, and this  year’s pups, are very pleased with them and are amazed at how smart they are. They all are biddable with great hunting instincts. Chance, our pup from last year, is now catching prairie dogs on a regular basis. While none are currently in obedience training, they are very willing and eager to please. They love their people and enjoy being with them. These pups would make excellent agility, rally, flyball, lure coursing, terrier racing and hunting dogs, as well as a fine companion.

They are being raised with our other dogs, cats, and chickens, and have seen and been with our few cows.

Em goes back mostly to FM on her sire’s side, and newly introduced bird hunting lines from IA on her dam’s. Guero is a mix of Maxwell’s, RPK and Sand’s, with Maxwell’s being on his sire’s side, and RPK and Sand’s on the dam’s. Here’s the link to their pedigree,  or email me at ratraceratterriers at hotmail dot com. (remove the spaces around the @ sign to email me…)

Em and new pups
Em and new pups

Pups were born on April 8th, 2013. We have 4 males and 2 females. All are tuxedos except for 1 piebald male. All are different shades of chocolate, from  light chocolate to dark chocolate. All have white and tan markings. They should mature between 15″-17″. There is a possibility of a small standard, but I believe these pups will be at least 14 1/2″ to 15″ with a good chance of being larger.

Puppy pile!

Personality-wise, I expect these pups to be good hunters and awesome companions. Last years pups have turned out to be great companions and are smart and willing to learn. One owner reported that her pup warned her of a hornets nest under the chair that she was going to sit on. The male pup I have kept knows basic obedience as well as a few tricks. He’s also learning how to trail. He has a great temperament and gets along well with our other dogs, cats and livestock.

They are registered with the NRTA and will be registerable/registered with UKC.

I have created separate pages for each pup. Here are the links to each pup. Click on the link of the pup’s name to go to their page.

Buck - Male
Buck – Male SOLD
Charli - female pup
Charli – female pup – SOLD
Gus- male pup
Gus- male pup SOLD
Jake - male pup SOLD
Jake – male pup SOLD
Monte - male pup SOLD
Monte – male pup SOLD
Sammie- female pup
Sammie- female pup – STAYING HERE WITH ME

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