Sammie and Colt litter – June 30, 2015

Sammie started going into labor early this morning. Right after I left for work, she popped out 3 puppies. My husband was home with her, and let me know that several hours later she had 2 more, than a bit later 1 more. If I’m right and didn’t somehow goof up, we have 2 females and 4 males, all seem to be healthy and thriving. One of the boys, a chocolate piebald, seems to be very tiny compare to the others, but other than that, he seems healthy enough. Of course, I will be keeping an eye on all of them to make sure they are all thriving and growing. This includes weighing them daily and working with them at least once a day. Watch for frequent updates, especially as they grow older.

They should be PLL clear by parentage. I am working on AKC and UKC registration for them and hopefully will have that done by the time they are ready to go to their new homes the first part of September.

I expect this litter to mature to Small Standard and Standard size, from 14″-18″ and mid 20+ lbs. Time will tell if they have the more petite build of their dam or the larger bone structure of their sire. I will be looking for angulation on them also.

All will have hunt and be most happy with their people. I expect them to be intelligent and loyal, as well as very athletic. I expect them to want to please their people and be excellent companions.

There is a reservation on one female and possibly one of the males. I do not plan on keeping any of these unless one turns out to be extra ordinarily special. I am asking $400, with a health guarantee and request that if for any reason the pup or dog can’t be kept, it will be returned to me. All of these puppies are very important and special to me and I care about them for their entire lives. I will give preference for active homes or homes where the dogs will be competing in dog sports or conformation.

Here are the puppies, females first:


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Girl #1 – Light chocolate tuxedo w/tan – weight 6.6 oz – her collar is wide on the left side, but doesn’t go all the way around. Looks a lot like momma Sammie. THIS GIRL IS SOLD TO K. AND L. IN MONTROSE, CO. SHE WILL BE JOINING HER RELATIVE HOLLY. HER NAME IS HANNAH. I DID WARN YOU, RIGHT? LOL


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Girl #2 – Black piebald w/tan – coming in at a hefty 6.8 oz she is the second largest puppy. Love her little dot on the side. Wonder if it will stay. SOLD TO G. AND FAMILY IN LITTLETON, CO. HER NAME IS NOW ISIS, ONE OF THE MANY LADY HEROS! I’M SURE SHE WILL LIVE UP TO HER NAME!




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Boy #1 – Chocolate piebald w/tan – the tiniest by far at only 4.4 oz. Maybe I weighed him wrong? Seems to be healthy and thriving, but we will keep an eye on him to make sure he’s not getting bullied by his litter mates. HE HAS FOUND HIS FOREVER HOME WITH AN AWESOME COUPLE WHO IS LOOKING FOR A SMALL RATTIE! I THINK IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!


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Boy #2 – Chocolate piebald w/tan – 6.4 oz – fun big patch on his left side. Lots of tan on his muzzle. SOLD TO B. & N. AND FAMILY IN LITTLETON, CO. HIS NAME IS CHARLIE.


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Boy #3 – Chocolate tuxedo with narrow half collar and tan – the biggest puppy at 7.3 oz. Wonder if he will mature to his sire’s size and have his bone? THIS BOY HAS BEEN SOLD TO A. IN COLORADO SPRINGS. HE WILL BE JOINING ONE OF LAST YEARS PUPS. HIS NAME IS THOR. I THINK THE BUG IS SPREADING!


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Boy #4 – Rich dark chocolate or black? tuxedo – 5.8 oz. I am really curious as to what this boy’s color honestly is. It appears to be a very rich, dark, dark chocolate. It doesn’t look full black. Hopefully will tell in time. SOLD TO S. & J. IN SANTA FE


UPDATE JULY 4, 2015 –

All of the puppies are doing well. All but the littlest one are gaining an average of an ounce or so a day. He is not gaining quite as well, but he is thriving and eating, and growing, albeit a bit slower than his siblings. As I have never had one this small, I honestly can not predict how big he will get as an adult. They are all very active, scooting and pushing themselves around on the pad quite well. And actually quite fast. This looks  like a very active litter. Could be fun times ahead!

I am handling them a little in the evening to do the early neural stimulation with them. This is holding them vertically, with head towards ground and with head straight up, and on their backs, for about 10 seconds. I also rub their chests and handle their toes on each foot. As they get a bit older, they are getting more fidgety about it, but not a lot. The littlest one, male #1, didn’t want to stay on his back last night and kept flipping back over. Male #4 was really quiet but that could have been because he had just finished eating.

During the day, we may give them a few pets and scratches, making sure they are ok and that all are still accounted for. Sammie keeps wanting to move them, so we have to watch her. Currently, they are in a large crate, but they will be moved to the ex-pen sometime this week in preparation for their eyes opening up.

Weight update:

  • Male #1 – 7.6 ounces – starting weight 4.4 oz
  • Male #2 – 10.7 ounces – starting weight 6.4 oz.
  • Male #3 – 12.1 ounces (Thor) – starting weight 7.3 oz
  • Male #4 – 10.4 ounces – starting weight 5.8 oz
  • Female #1 – 11.8  (Hannah) – starting weight 6.6 oz
  • Female #2 – 12.0 ounces – starting weight 6.8 oz

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All of the puppies are growing well. Male #3, Thor, and female #2 both are now at 1 lb. even. Sammie is an attentive mom and spends most of her days with them.

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I have one puppy left, male #1, that is still waiting for his forever home. All of the puppies are growing well, all but 2 of them are now at least 2 pounds or over. Charlie is just almost 2 pounds, while the little guy, who remains nameless for now as no name seems to fit, is still pretty tiny at only 1 pound, 7.3 ounces. He’s feisty and active, and I like his attitude. I see him running frequently around in short burst in the x-pen, and he will come up to greet me sometimes. I like the temperament of these puppies so far. Isis is the most dominant of the litter so far, and until today, has been the heaviest. She’s a smart girl. Charlie and Rocky are the most mellow and laid back so far. They all have done some exploring when we put them outside the last two days, and they have been walking out of the pen, so its time to put up a barrier. Hannah has been wagging her tail like crazy. I wonder if the other puppies would wag their tails if they hadn’t been docked.

9 thoughts on “Sammie and Colt litter – June 30, 2015

  1. Great looking litter . Would love to have one , but i’m not up to raising a puppy any more. I’m still looking for an adult to adopt , as I’v told u before. I hope U haven’t forgotten me .

  2. Beautiful puppies, we are so excited to have a new girl in our family in a couple months, Rat Terriers are special dogs and these certainly are handsome/beautiful dogs, I have shared my life with two Rat Terriers for the last 28 years, I hope to have them around my entire life. I will let our kids name this one when she arrives.

  3. Hi there, wanted to know if you are still breeding rat terriers. Found your video on YouTube & followed the link here. Realizing these pups are more than 5 years ago, they are all beautiful & was hoping your still in the business of breeding. I would greatly appreciate a reply or a direction to find such impressive pups. Ready to adopt. Love this breed. Best regards, Deborah Lange (541-840-1736)

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