Surprise Litter – Sammie and Chance, 2014

Sammie with her brood.
Sammie with her brood.

On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, my little Sammie whelped four healthy puppies in the early hours of the morning. While I would personally not have planned this litter, Sammie and Chance obviously had other ideas, and as what is done is done, and I didn’t like any other options, Sammie is now a proud momma.

Sammie and her pups.
Sammie and her pups.

I have spoken with many, varied, breeders to ask their opinion on whether or not I should keep these pups, or just what I should do. They all have assured me that the pups should be ok, but to be aware of the potential for any problems, as it has doubled up on the genetics.

As this is a special litter, with a full brother and sister mating, I will be watching this litter closely for any indication of health issues. I feel confidant that they will be healthy, and will live long and productive lives as companions to their special people. While they are full brother and sister, their bloodlines are very diverse. There are two lines, one on the sire’s side (Guero) and one on the dam’s side, (Em) that are more closely line-bred, but the other lines are not related. The pedigree is here if you want to take a look. They are cleared by parentage of PLL.

These pups should have great temperaments, intelligence, athleticism and typey build. Sammie loves to jump into bed with us, and is frequently on my lap. Chance can usually be found hanging over my husband’s arm or snuggled up beside him. Both are very fast runners, little Sammie being able to keep up with my big English Shepherd with ease, and Chance keeping up with the 4-wheeler on irrigation runs. Both are hunters, and I have done a little bit of scent work and trailing with them. The pups should be excellent in all venues as well as loyal, loving companions.

As a side note, their brothers and sisters have done well in their new homes, and their owners have been very pleased with them. I expect the same with these pups.

I will be keeping them with me until they are 10-12 weeks old so that I can watch them and have heart, elbows and other tests done to assure that they are healthy. I will be working and playing with them on a daily basis, and plan on them learning basic obedience before they leave here. I may also dabble in scent work and agility with them. Weather permitting, they will spend time outside on our homemade puppy jungle gym, so they will have the opportunity to go through tunnels, run over ramps that are off the ground, slide down a slide and play on a teeter totter. They will also be exposed to poultry, cats, other dogs, cattle and horses and mules. I will introduce them to as many people and situations that I can before they go to their new homes. Please note, for various reasons, I have NOT docked tails or removed dew claws. They will be as nature, or the good Lord, made them when they go to their new homes.

There are two chocolate tri girls and two chocolate piebald boys. All four weighed close to or just a bit above 7 oz. at birth. They are all eating well and appear to be healthy and growing. I expect them to be between 15″ – 18″, and from 20-25 lbs. at maturity. Sammie is currently 15″ and Chance is easily 18″, both weighing in the 20 lb. range.

Please email me at ratraceratterriers @ or call me at 970-773-1215 if you are interested in one of these pups. I will be requiring a puppy questionnaire to be filled out, and I will be offering a health guarantee. Price will be $250.

Female #1 – 7.4 oz at birth

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Female #2 – 6.75 oz at birth

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Male #2 – 6.98 oz. at birth

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Male #1 – 6.98 oz. at birth

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Joy (f), Jeremiah (m), Jericho (m), Jasher (f)
Joy (f), Jeremiah (m), Jericho (m), Jasher (f)

All four pups are growing like weeds. Eyes are opening and they are just barely starting to get around a bit better. Will be putting them in a different puppy pen soon!



Jasher’s personal page.


Joy’s personal page.


Jeremiah’s personal page.


Jericho’s personal page.

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