Charli – Rat Terrier pup


Charli is a little female Rat Terrier pup, chocolate, with half collar, white legs and tan markings.

Charli - 2 days old
Charli – 2 days old
Charli – 2 days old
Charli – 2 days old

UPDATE: April 22, 2013 – 2 weeks old

Charli is doing well. She has gained quite a bit, weighing in at 1.12 lbs. She seems to be one of the mellowest so far, doesn’t usually fuss too much if at all, when I handle her. She has had daily handling by me, once a day. I have been picking her up and placing her on her back on my arm, as well as handling her little pink toes. And of course, lots of kisses and hugs!

Here’s a link to her personal video. (I did goof and called her Sammie in the video, but this is Charli. Sammie has a full collar and is lighter colored.)

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UPDATED – MAY 5, 2013 – 4 weeks old

Charli and crew are now 4 weeks old. She’s lost most of her collar markings, as you can see in the photos and video. I have rolled her on her back, and she doesn’t seem to mind it. A low key puppy so far, although she’s the only one that I’ve heard do any ‘barking’ so far.

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Charli’s four week old video

UPDATE: MAY 19, 2013 – 6 WEEKS OLD

Charli is one of the bigger pups, just about equal to Gus. While a bit more laid back, she’s still got a lot of gumption. Nice pup.

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3 thoughts on “Charli – Rat Terrier pup

    1. Pups are $350 and I’m working with getting them registered at least with the UKC and NRTA. I’m also looking at ARTA and AKC, but I need to find out what all needs to be done. The sire is registered with the UKC, the dam is registered with the NRTA. Too many registries! They will come with a health guarantee.

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