Females at Rat Race Rat Terriers

Currently there are 4 girls residing at Rat Race Rat Terriers:



Bear Tuff’s Miss EmmaLee

Em is the founding bitch for Rat Race Rat Terriers. Now retired, she has produced some really nice dogs, some of whom has stayed on here at the home place. She is from Bear Tuff Rat Terriers in Colorado To me, Em is pretty much the perfect Rattie as she has a great build, personality and temperament. She is also a very tenacious hunter, rarely wanting to quit until called off. She is 16″ and 25 lbs.


Rat Race Sammie I Am

Sammie is an awesome, loving and loyal girl. She is from the 2013 litter out of Em and by a local male, Guero. Although of all of the puppies from this cross she has remained smaller, I think she has a lot to contribute to my line. She is very athletic, has great angulation, is very intelligent and has a strong desire to please. She shows a strong willingness to work with me when I am training her, and easily catches on to what I am working with. She is 14 1/2″ and 19 lbs.


Rat Race’s Amazing Joy

JoyJoy is very aptly named. She is a joy with a sweet, upbeat personality. As she is from a full brother/sister litter, I decided to have her spayed. There were a few other reasons, which I may regret in the end, as she is such a joy! She has remained small also, 14 1/2″ and 18 lbs.

Rat Race Madame Mustache

Maddie is my little sweetheart. She is a very serious and sensitive girl with an interesting sense of humor. I have hopes that she will fill EmmaLee’s paws, although she is much smaller than I had expected. At a year old, she is 14 1/2″ and 20 lbs. I jokingly think of her as my “miniature” Decker. Her nickname is Moody Maddie, as she is the moodiest of my girls. But sweet and very loyal to me. She frequently runs up to me and rolls over for belly rubs when we are out walking, and she will give me little kisses when I give her a kiss. Love this little girl!

4 thoughts on “Females at Rat Race Rat Terriers

  1. We’re in Castle Rock, had one for almost 16 yrs that looks like Maddie, her name was Bindi…
    We’re interested in a female pup, brown and white on the medium to larger side of things, cropped tail please

    1. Hello David, I do not plan on any litters at the moment. You may want to try Bear Tuff in Kiowa. She is the breeder I bought EmmaLee from and may have something planned. Good luck, and thank you for your interest in my Ratties. I am just sorry that I can not help you at this time.

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