Bear Tuff’s Miss EmmaLee

Bear Tuff's Miss EmmaLee - Standard Rat Terrier
Bear Tuff’s Miss EmmaLee – Standard Rat Terrier

EmmaLee comes from Dereth Wylie’s Bear Tuff Kennels in Iowa. She came here as a 6 month old pup, and has been my good friend ever since. She’s a bit independent when we’re out taking a hike, but it’s because she’s off hunting for critters. Ever the hunter, she is a good mouse catcher, and has even been known to tangle with coyotes, much to my dismay! In the house, she’s a perfect lady, except for wanting to sleep on the bed with me in the winter time.

Her pedigree on her sire’s side goes back to Fire Mountain’s Tonka several times, Sycamore Flat’s Tuffy and Sycamore Flat’s Lacey, and other Fire Mountain dogs. Her dam is from two Rat Terriers that Deri worked hard to bring into the registry that are from Iowa. Both had a very strong hunting drive.

EmmaLee stands around 16″ and weighs around 24 lbs. She has been tested negative for PLL.

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