EmmaLee, Sammie…and life…

EmmaLee hunting in the field last summer.

It’s been a long while since I have written a post. Not much going on really at the moment, as I am still working on getting back on my feet and my own place again. But there are a few things that I wanted to share, some of which may help others who may read this blog.

In the last few years, EmmaLee, who turned 14 last November, was becoming slower. At one point she was in real pain, especially going up and down stairs, or jumping on the bed. I took her to a local veterinarian and he did an x-ray on her. Seems she has bad arthritis or something in her back, so bone is rubbing pretty much against bone. He advised feeding her a certain tablet, and while she did okay on it, another veterinarian recommended a different one. I switched to Dasuquin as it was more readily available, and she has done well with it. I have noticed her slowing down more when the weather changes, but I can relate to her on that. At times, she has either selective hearing, or is lost in her own world at times. Poor girl jumps a foot when I go to her where she is sleeping and call her name. But she can still trail me really well, and figure out a track! I so wish I could have done SAR work with her way back when. I know she would have been awesome at it!

Mentally, she has been acting a bit like she has dementia. My friend feeds her older dogs Purina ONE Vibrant Maturity, and told me about a noticeable difference soon after she started feeding it. I’ve been thinking about switching her over, but hadn’t yet. One week, she was just off, not doing really well, so I bought a bag and fed her that night, and the following morning. What a difference that it made! By that morning, she was so much more alert and active. I was really impressed, and my friend noticed it too. I’ll keep her on it, and also research other products that may help her have a better quality of life.

The biggest regret that I have is that I don’t have another “EmmaLee.” While I love each one of my Ratties, none are like her at all, in personality or build. It is so hard to see her growing old…

Sammie hiding in the grass last summer.

The beginning of March, I took Sammie in to be spayed as she will be 9 years old next month. Sadly, she did have tumors in her uterus, and along her mammary chain. The veterinarian was hopeful that with the removal of the estrogen, the tumors would shrink. While they have, they are still there, and worry me. I adore my little Sammie and hate to see her with the bumps on her tummy. So I joined a group on FaceBook that is dedicated to Canine Cancer. One lady suggested Moringa and Graviola, so I have put in an order for both. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes and if there is any improvement. If I think they actually work, I will share information and links for anyone who needs it. I will also be changing her to a more natural diet, maybe raw or freeze dried, once I can find something that I can afford and like the looks of. I’ll update here when I do find one that I like and let you all know if it makes any noticeable difference. She is also my special girl. I remember well her escape artist moves when she was just a pup, and so wish I could have done more with her. Maybe I can still do something with her now…

Meanwhile, I have landed a graveyard shift job that lets me stay home with the crew during the day. Things have moved along so that I am earning a bit more, so am hopeful that I can purchase a place for me and the crew sometime soonish. I am looking at locating another Rattie or two when I am settled into my own home, and am looking at lines similar to what EmmaLee is. I’ll keep you posted as it goes!

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