Rat Race Long Colt .45

UPDATE ON COLT, APRIL 2015 – Colt has grown quite nicely and at a year old, he is easily 17″ and at least 25 pounds. He has a very solid build and good muscle tone, even as a youngster. He has a very mellow temperament, although he will guard the house with quite the powerful bark. He is also a good hunter like his mom and siblings.

He is now officially registered with the NRTA and I am working towards getting him registered with AKC and UKC with the thought that I may try to show him at some point in time.



Colt is from the Lil’ Ranchin’ Hercules and EmmaLee litter, whelped April 12, 2014. While I sure didn’t plan on keeping a male due to the difficulties of having intact males and females in a small house, the minute he was born, I knew he was going to be staying. After EmmaLee had whelped 3 black tri females and 2 white and black piebald females, I told her that I had really been hoping for a puppy with some color. There was the potential for it, as Em is chocolate and Herc’s dam is red. So I was getting a bit disappointed that all of the puppies so far had been black. Not a bad color, but, well, I like some color! Literally 5 minutes later, I kid you not, she had Colt! He as a big one, and I could tell before he was even out of the sack that he was definitely NOT black! Needless to say, I was pretty excited. Bummed a bit as I really wanted a female to replace Em, with color, but hey, a healthy male pup with some other color besides black is good too! And of course, my husband pretty much claimed him as soon as he saw him.

Well, we haven’t been disappointed with the choice of keeping him here. He has matured into a nice, solid boy, already weighing in around 25 lbs and not quite a year old. He is really built well, although I would like to see a bit more angulation in the rear. He has good bone, and nice feet. His head reminds me of Em’s which I really like. His left ear is a bit lazy, but usually is full prick. His temperament is awesome, easy going and pretty mellow. He is also willing to please and is affectionate. And he definitely has hunt, constantly out in the field hunting for mice, voles and prairie dogs.

Plans for him include scent work, agility and maybe conformation, just for fun. He seems to be picking up on the scent work, although like Maddie, is more of a serious type worker and not quite so enthusiastic as Sammie and JoyJoy. He may also be used for breeding once I obtain a female that will compliment his lines.

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