Monte – Rat Terrier pup


Monte is a dark chocolate male Rat Terrier pup with a wide blaze, half collar, white legs and tan markings. He’s also a nice size pup at 10 oz. at 2 days old.

Monte – 2 days old


Monte – 2 days old

UPDATE: April 22, 2013 –  2 weeks old

Monte is my favorite little guy. He and his sister Charli are the quietest so far. Very mellow when I handle him. Doesn’t usually make a fuss, just takes it in stride. He’s handled like the rest of the pups on a once daily basis. He is cradled on my arm and his cute little toes are played with, and he is rubbed all over. And of course, extra hugs and kisses for Monte!

Monte’s personal video is here.

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UPDATE – MAY 5, 2013 – 4 weeks old

Monte is a nice looking pup. So far, he’s keeping his half collar and blaze. Nice size, playful. Didn’t mind being on his back. Pretty laid back personality.

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Monte’s personal video.

UPDATE: JUNE 26, 2013 – 11 WEEKS OLD

Monte is really coming along nicely. While at first he would wait to join in the huddle when you would come up, he’s now right there with the rest of the gang. He appears to be a bit more of a thinker, although, thank goodness, he hasn’t put two and two together to watch Sammie climb the fence and follow her. He’s the first one to sit calmly when I ask for a ‘sit.’ He’s also becoming more adventurous and is gaining more self-confidence regularly. While at first, he didn’t like getting wet when we went out to irrigate, he’s now frequently at my feet or running ahead. He likes to be with you and sit on your lap. Last night, while I was working my English Shepherd, he came over to join us. I was playing with a long stick with a rope tied on the end with a ball tied to the other end of the rope. He was having a blast chasing that ball! I’m going to continue working with him and the other pups on this, after I repair the damage that the bigger dogs caused by destroying the ball!

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