Rat Race Amazing Joy



Joy looks a lot like her dam, Rat Race Sammie I Am, and she seems to have a lot of her curious, out-going temperament too. I think she will do well in a performance home and would like to see her go to someone who will actively work with her. She should mature to 15″-16″, and weigh in the mid 20’s when she has filled out.

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Here is a short video of Joy on the couch at 3 1/2 weeks old. On that day, she was the only pup that was interested in exploring and checking things out.

Here are some photos of her on the couch as well as a head shot or two.

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MARCH 11, 2014 – The other night I took each pup individually to work with to see how they would do without their siblings and how they would interact with me and several of their toys. Joy did very well. She was not concerned that she was by herself with me and didn’t look for her siblings. She and her sister Jasher really impressed me with their desire to go out and retrieve a toy and bring it back to me. Joy readily went out and picked up the toy, then brought it back, climbing into my lap. She did play with the ball a few times, but she was not as interested in that as she was in the funky cow and especially the rat. Amazing that they seem to know by instinct that the rat is something they should go after, even at this young of age, and with a fake rat critter.

She is staying up with the rest of the litter in growth. On March 11, she weighed an even 4 lbs. I expect her to mature around 16″ and weigh in the mid 20 lbs., at maturity.

Here is a link to her video that I took that same night.

Here are some shots of her with me.

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July 20, 2014 – Joy is now staying with us. The ‘right’ home never came about, so we have decided that we are her forever home. She is as sweet as her name implies, and definitely lives up to her name! I am looking forward to seeing what she looks like when she matures, as she has such a beautiful head and nice build. I’m still getting use to the tail being long, but I’ve found that I like it. Makes is easier to spot her in the tall grass!

It amazes me how close she and her dam Sammie are. They still sleep and play together frequently, and they both climb into bed with us at the end of the day. (Note to self, get a bigger bed!)

She still enjoys playing frequently with her cousins and I find her with them on a regular basis.

Her temperament is still wonderful. Not too independent but not a little shadow either. She even wanted to go help grandma out with the coyote a few weeks ago. Luckily, she has enough recall and perhaps caution, so she didn’t go down as far as the coyote was. Thank goodness!! When she is out in the field, she is a very avid hunter like her mom and grandma, but in the house, she is usually a little lady. Hubby has been taking her with him frequently when he goes to irrigate the neighboring ranches. She enjoys the 4-wheel ride!

She is now as tall as her mom and weighs in at 13 lbs., 10 oz. Since Chance is 18″ or taller, I’m curious to see how tall Joy will get.

Here are some photos of her over the last few months.

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MARCH 23, 2015 UPDATE – Joy has stayed smaller like her dam, Sammie. We made the decision to have her spayed for various reasons. She’s still a sweetheart and remains a very loving little girl. I’m looking forward to training her in scent detection work. She seems to have the same attitude of her mom, just a bit toned down.

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