Past pups from Rat Race Rat Terriers

Sheree on Biscuit (Gus from EmmaLee’s 2013 litter)

“He is awesome!!! Taller than Butters and weighs 18 pounds (at not quite a year old). He is so loving and very fast!! We are training him to hunt and so far he has killed 3 birds, one of which was a goose! We love him so much!!:-) what an incredible puppy! Night and day temperaments between both of them. Thank you for breeding him and letting us have him. He is definitely a compliment to our family! We will have to get together so you can see him and love on him. He adores everyone and everyone adores him! He and Butters have the same birthday which blew us away. What are the chances? Thank you so much! We love, love, love him to pieces! He’s a good boy and eager to please and smart!!

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Jane on Nellie (from Em’s 2014 litter) –

To Tammy my new doggy loving friend and Nellie’s true Mommy. I’ve owed you a letter for so long but Nellie and I always have you in our hearts. Today is the first day it has really hit me that the kids are really gone, having tied their own shoes, combed their own hair, brushed their teeth. I’ve kept it together because Nelli’s heart is so full of love. I keep saying over and over she was literally hand made for me. Pictures can’t capture the joy and happiness she radiates, the compassion she shares, and the understanding she offers when there no words.

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Al on Loki (Magnum from Em’s 2014 litter) –

He’s doing great! Awesome temperament. My little buddy.

Loki is doing awesome. He knows the sit and stay command. I’ll put him on a sit stay prior to going in and out of the house. He will sit stay when I put his food down and eat when I tell him go. He’s good about not jumping on people and is really mellow in general. He’s house broke, will give a little whimper when he needs to go. We’re still working on recall. When we play the recall game like in video you sent he’s awesome. When he’s chasing after something not so good at the moment then it’s 50/50. His weight is up to 17lbs. (At 5 ½ months old.)


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Guest blog on Diamond – Jeremiah from the Sammie and Chance litter – written by his owner, Irene Cook.

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