Rat Race’s Chance of a Lifetime

Rat Race's Chance of a Lifetime
Rat Race’s Chance of a Lifetime

Rat Race’s Chance of a Lifetime is a wonderful addition to our little pack. Although we had not intended to keep a pup from Em’s litter, no home came up for him, so he has remained with us. He has become my husband’s sidekick, going with him to the store as well as to help irrigate the neighboring ranch’s pastures. He loves to sleep on Chris’ arm while he is on the computer, and he’s the first one to jump on the 4-wheeler to go for a ride. As we live in the country, he enjoys hunting for mice and rabbits with his mom and ‘Big Brother Tucker,’ my English Shepherd, and has on occasion trailed a coyote or two.

His sire Guero, from Ramirez Ratz, is a miniature Rat Terrier living on a ranch with his veterinarian owners. He is very personable, loves to greet the clients and their critters, and is friendly to all. He’s also quite the hunter and enjoys accompanying his owner while he does the ranch chores.

Chance is about 17″ and weighs 24 lbs.

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