Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

If you are interested in purchasing a Rat Terrier from Rat Race Rat Terrier, please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire below. I like to know who my possible puppy buyers are so that I can match up the puppies to them. I also care very much for these puppies and want to make sure that it is an appropriate home for them. While they are awesome dogs, I recognize that they fit best in homes where someone is home frequently and that has the time and desire to exercise them and be active with them. They are Terriers and need at least basic training. As they are very people oriented, they prefer to be with their human, enjoying going to work with them and hanging out with them as much as possible.

I do request that if ANYTHING happens and the puppy or dog doesn’t work out for whatever reason, or life changes dictate that the new owners can not keep him/her, that the dog will be returned to me.

Fill out the questionnaire and return it to me by email or snail mail.


Puppy Buyer Questionnaire –

3 thoughts on “Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

  1. Recently lost my beloved rat terrier to cancer. Looking for a tan/black/white male rat terrier that looks simular to him

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