Life in the Slow Lane

Since moving from our original home and into my friend’s place, things have been a bit different and challenging, but we are still all together and doing well. Not much going on particularly at this time, due to close neighbors and not a lot of free time on my part, but I do get the crew out for a walk, mostly in the ‘dobies, every day. Sometimes I let them hang out in their dog house for a bit. I haven’t been able to add any finished walls yet, but I do have a  floor installed, so that is good for now. I was hoping to get a solar panel installed, but my friend had to have knee surgery, then it got cold, then the lovely corona virus hit, so that is on hold for now.  Maybe later this summer it will be put in and I can power at least my computer down there with my crew! Here are some snapshots of them hanging out. The Ratties really love the shelf to snooze on.

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EmmaLee is doing well, although she has back degeneration, not sure what the medical term is. I had her on Cadaflex, now switched over to Dasaquin, as I don’t need to pick it up at the vet’s office. She is doing well enough on these so far, as long as she doesn’t over due it on our walks. She is mellowing out a bit, when I tell her she really shouldn’t ought to go chase the bunny with the rest of the crew, she frequently slows down, stops and watches. Other times she gets right into the chase and has her head half way down a hole, digging like crazy, sure she can reach that darn bunny!

Colt was neutered in March. I made that choice for various reasons, but mainly because I have never liked his angles, as he is really short-strided, especially in the front. And it is a lot easier having several intact girls in the house if he isn’t so stressed out when they go into heat. The girls did go through heat this last month, and he hardly even paid attention to them at all. Very nice and much less stressful for all involved! Chance on the other hand still has some issues, even though he has been neutered for quite a number of years. Makes me wonder if he is proud cut! Can they do that in dogs? Hmm, I wonder…

Maddie is due to go in next month to be spayed. She has odd heat cycles, and I think it is best that she be spayed. I really had hoped when she was born that she would replace EmmaLee to continue my line with, but that is not to be. She is sweet as all get out, but she has an odd little temperament, and she is way smaller than I like, almost dainty. So no pups from her.

So that leaves only Sammie, and as she is already 7 years old this past April, I am seriously considering having her spayed also. Which would be the end of any breeding or line of mine, so, I’ll wait a bit so see what happens over the next year. If I am able to move into my own place, and I can find the “perfect” mate for her, I might consider one more litter from her. But if it doesn’t happen by this time next year, she will be spayed.

Colt caught a prairie dog today. I let him go ahead and eat it, which I usually don’t like to do due to worms and fleas, but since he carried it, half eaten, to catch up with me, I thought it would be best not to take it from him. I have a hard enough time keeping him anywhere close to me, as he is such a hunter, that I figured he could go ahead and eat his prize. On the way back to the truck, someone caught another one, not sure who, as it was Sage, Sammie, Maddie and Sadie together in the one area, but Maddie had part of a prairie dog. And a chunk of clean-as-a-whistle skin, so there might have been a bit of a tug-of-war game with it. Sadie kept trying to steal it from her, so I finally took it from Maddie. It was almost gone by then anyway, so I left it out for the hawks and eagles that fly out there. So, yup, my crew are hunters. Still! I don’t have any pictures of the prairie dogs, but here are some shots of some of the crew, and the scenery. It was such a beautiful morning, cool breeze, warm sun, that I hated to come back to the house. (Oh, don’t mind the funny fuzzy dot in some of the pictures. Some little speck of dust or something is haunting me and I have no clue how to get rid of it!)


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