Rat Race’s Sammie I Am


Rat Race’s Sammie I Am was not originally going to be staying here. But she decided that this was her place and here she is going to stay. As the littlest in the litter, (Em and Guero), what she lacks in size, she more than makes up for in attitude and intelligence. She is a light chocolate tuxedo, although it’s darkening up a bit, with a full collar and light tan on her face  and legs. She is light boned, and I expect her to mature around 14″-15″ and weigh around 18 lbs. (Upate February 15, 2015 – she has matured to be the size that I predicted.)

She is my little houdini. She escaped the puppy pen every time we put her in there. Here is a video of her escaping out the front. I had it blocked off the front with a livestock panel and 4″ x 6″ timbers. On the panel, we put up chicken wire and some fencing to keep the pups in. Sammie would climb on the second timber, wiggle her way between the fence and fourth timber, and climb out on top.

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She escaped several other ways, but this is the only time I photographed her.

My husband enjoys taking her out with him on his three-wheeler when he irrigates, as she doesn’t whine or fuss. She actually has followed him up the dirt road to go with him, so we have to watch her.

At about 3 1/2 months, she was game enough to want to take on a young skunk that had taken up residence in the stack of irrigation pipes. All of the dogs were hunting for him, but Sammie was the only one that I had to call out of the pipe that he was in. Didn’t figure she’d want to tangle with him in a small, 10″ pipe!

She currently knows “sit” and “down.” I will continue to work with her on basic obedience over the next few months, as well as introducing her to scent work. Her dam has a great aptitude for it, so I expect that she will also. What I like about her is she’s a bit on the independent side, is confidant, and is a thinker. I expect much from this little girl and look forward to working with her and developing a great relationship.

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SEPTEMBER 6, 2013 – I’ve decided I really need to start working with Sammie on her training, so I’m taking her out in the ‘dobies with the rest of the pack, but I’m leaving her in a harness. I currently don’t own a tracking/trailing harness, but I hope to get one soon. I want both of us to get use to the harness as well as the long line and me making lots of noise and inadvertently hauling on the harness at times. Or getting tangled up in shrubbery and trees, and climbing up and down steep hills and ravines. Oh, the fun we will have! While it’s a bit shaky, as it’s hard to videotape anything while you’re moving, here’s a short video of Sammie. Soon I hope to have her actually doing puppy fire trails and starting to play hide and seek games. Just need to find some willing victims! I will be posting photos and videos as I go.

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It’s been getting chilly at night here lately, and here is where I found Sammie last night.


February 16, 2015 – Sammie is now almost 2 years old. She had an “oops” litter in January, 2014, but we’ve managed to keep the boys away since then. She has matured in to a really nice girl. Although her training hasn’t continued as I had hoped, she shows me that she’s a smart girl and is very affectionate and loyal with us. She and her daughter Joy snuggle in bed with us each night. Training will commence once again with the goal of scent work as well as agility and perhaps some terrier events. I am working towards getting her registered with AKC and UKC and starting on health checks. (She is PLL cleared by parentage.) So maybe if things work out, I may try my hand in the confirmation ring just for fun.

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2 thoughts on “Rat Race’s Sammie I Am

  1. OMG she is adorable and from the sounds of it a handful. They are just like kids, some are easy and some are difficult.

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