Dog house for the kids

Earlier this spring, I purchased a 10′ x 12′ lean-to shed with a 4′ porch to put on my friend’s property for my dogs. This will be used mostly while I am not home, or just to let the dogs hang out outside in a fanced and sheltered area. I built a pad with 4″ x 4″ posts and filled it with gravel for it to sit on. Leveling it out was a bit of a challenge, but we got it done, and I am proud to say that when the shed was delivered, the doors and windows opened with no problem and a level on the floor was maybe a hair off of 100% level. Yeah! As you can see, I had them add a sturdy shelf on two walls for the Ratties to hang out on and soak up the sun. I think I will build a ramp or staircase for them to access it, as it is pretty high and I worry about them jumping off too often. Of course, knowing them, they will probably ignore the stairs!

I want to make it as water proof and dirt/mud resistant as possible, and easy to clean, so I purchased some laminate flooring with a nice thick pad on the back. Before I laid the flooring down, I stapled moisture barrier on the entire floor and up the walls about a foot or so. It took me a lot longer to lay the floor than I had hoped, as other things pulled me away from this project, but I am happy to say that I put the last floor board in a few days ago, so the flooring is now laid and finished! Earlier, I had stained and waterproofed the deck porch, posts and ceiling. I like the way it turned out, and that it will be protected a bit from the elements.

Now I need to install the wiring and purchase the insulation and wall boards. I think I am going to go with a white shiplap board type design panel, as the light color will make the space look a bit bigger and not be too dark, since the floor is a dark brown. The panel should be eaiser and quicker to put up than the smaller boards option in the pictures. I am planning on putting corrugated tin on the bottom of the wall to help control any marking by the boys from damaging the dog house inside. Here are some options for paneling that I found at the local stores.

.I am looking forward to having this done, but it sure is taking me a lot longer than I had planned or hoped! When it is all done, I think the dogs will really enjoy it.

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