Jericho is a nice, easy going big guy. So far he’s pretty mellow and affectionate. He enjoys being held and loved on, and will climb on me when I am in the puppy pen. He should mature closer to 17″ – 18″ and weigh around 25 lbs when fully grown.

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Here is a video of Jericho playing on the couch at 3 1/2 weeks old.

I took several shots of Jericho while he was playing on the couch. Here are some of them as well as a few head shots. He is 3 1/2 weeks old here.

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MARCH 11, 2014 – I worked with Jericho like I did the other pups, individually, to see how he would interact with me and the toys. He wasn’t bothered that his littermates were not around and he enjoyed playing with the different toys. He didn’t seem to be  interested in the ball at all. I couldn’t get him to chase it or play with it. But he loves the funky cow and of course, the rat. While neither he nor Jeremiah seem as interested in retrieving like the girls did, they still did bring the toy back to me and especially seemed to like to play tug.

With the other pups, he does seem to be gaining some confidence and will more readily defend himself, or even sometimes start a bit of a puppy squabble. From the three people who also live here, I have heard that he is more shy with them and does not greet them as readily as the other pups. They usually visit while I’m not home, and the pups are not familiar with them, as they do not live in the same house, so I have not seen how he reacts to them. I will work on his confidence and around new people. He does seem just a little slower than the other pups, and not quite as brave or reckless, although I have seen him get kinda wild.

Growth-wise, he’s also 4 lbs, like Joy. I expect he may stay a little smaller, but wouldn’t be surprised if he reached 17″-18″ at maturity, and weighs around  25 lbs.

Here is the link to his video that I took that night.

Here are some pictures that I took of him that night.

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