Jasher – female Rat Terrier pup

This will be Jasher’s personal page. I chose the name Jasher from the Bible as it means “upright” or “righteous.” Thought that would be a good, solid name for a nice looking pup. She was the first born pup, and has been going strong ever since. I expect her to mature to be around 15″ – 16″, and around 20 lbs. She is very loving, interacts well with her siblings and loves to climb all over me.

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Video of Jasher at 3 1/2 weeks old. She was active and curious about her surroundings, as well as trying to get to me.

Some photos of Jasher on the couch as well as a head shot, at 3 1/2 weeks old.

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MARCH 10, 2014 – I worked with each pup individually to see how they would do away from their siblings, and to see how well they would interact with me and several different toys. Jasher did very well. Really liked to be with me and interact with me. She actually willingly brought the toy back to me all on her own, and climbed into my lap, many times. Not just once or twice as a coincidence, but on purpose. She and her sister Joy I believe will be really nice dogs in the right hands. She did very well with the small ChuckIt ball that I have. It’s just right for a puppy her size. She did retrieve it and bring it back to me, but she was much more excited about the funky cow and especially the rat. It amazes me that they seem to know what a rat is at such a young age. They don’t try to eat it, but they more vigorously shake it to kill it.

Although she was the largest pup at birth, she’s now not as big as her siblings. I weighed her at 3 1/2 lbs on March 10. So she may actually stay a little smaller, although she should still be 14″ – 15″ at least at maturity, and I would think 18 – 20 lbs.

Here is a link to her video that I took on that day.

Some photos of her retrieving the ball, funky cow and rat.

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One thought on “Jasher – female Rat Terrier pup

  1. Oh, we cannot wait to meet our little Jasher! We’re sure she’s such a big girl, now! We’re all ready for you, Sweetheart!
    Lew, Judy, and Jack

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