Rat Race Madame Mustache




Maddie was born April 12, 2014. Her sire is Lil’ Ranchin’ Hercules and her dam is Bear Tuff Miss EmmaLee. This breeding brings together the older Decker and Fire Mountain lines. In build, she is reminding me of her dam, Em, as I frequently think that it is Em and not Maddie when I see them out in the field. Her build does appear to be very similar to Em’s and while I was really hoping for a chocolate female to continue my line with, Maddie may just be it. In the long run, temperament and build are more important than color. Right now I like what I see in her build, although she’s a little lighter appearing, but still has decent bone and is moderate. Her ears were almost prick at birth, and are very solid. I don’t see a lot of tip movement when she is running.

In temperament, she is not a fawning, needy pup, although she will run in to check on me when she’s been outside. She doesn’t stay long, just hangs out with me for a few minutes, then is usually off to play with the other pups or jump on the couch. But, what I find interesting, is when we are out on walks, she spends a lot of time at my side and doesn’t run off with the rest of the dogs as much. She seems to be pretty independent, and sure of herself in some areas. She still has some work to do, but on the whole, she’s a nice pup. When we are in the truck on the dirt roads, she and Sammie like to climb on my lap and stick their heads out the window. She’ll stay there or sit on my lap for a minute or two, then go over to the seat and curl up for awhile. So far, she seems like a pretty serious little thing. When I put a harness or collar on her, she doesn’t like to play, just wants to “do” things. I think she may be destined for greater things as well as a bright future. I am really looking forward to working with her.

I will be writing about her on my Diary of a Decker Rat Terrier Litter blog as I work with her in training not only basic obedience and socialization, but also scent work.

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UPDATE ON MADDIE FEBRUARY 15, 2015 – Maddie is doing very well. Her temperament is really interesting, although I find it hard to explain. She is a very intelligent girl, very serious. I have been taking  her to town with me as much as I can and taking her into Tractor Supply when I’m there. The first time she was really shy and nervous, but the second and third time, she’s getting used to it. Last time I walked in there, she went immediately to the cash register, as she knows she’ll get treats there! She’s playing really well with Joy’s little puppy Holly. She frequently engages with her or allows Holly to play and chew on her. The other day, I believe she, Colt and possibly EmmaLee caught a prairie dog. The hunt instinct is alive and thriving in my little girl! But the most special part of it was, she came running out to me, dancing and all excited and clearly wanted me to follow her to their prize. It reminded me so much of how a young child would do the same to show his mom something that really excited him! I think she’s going to be a special girl and I am looking forward to seeing what she will be as she matures.

She’s growing well, although still keeping the slim look for now. Her build is reminding me more and more of EmmaLee’s. She is currently around 15″ tall.

Training hasn’t commenced quite as I had hoped, on my end, not hers, but that is changing, so I will keep my blog updated as to her progress.

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UPDATE ON MADDIE, APRIL 2015 – Well, Maddie is now one year old. I don’t think she is going to grow much taller, although she might surprise me. But if I go by her paws, she’s not going to get bigger. She should fill out some over the next year. In fact, I can see a bit of fullness in this photo compared to just a month ago. My husband has been taking all of the dogs irrigating with him, so they should all be in really good shape. Only problem I have with that is that by the time I get home from work, they’re all too tired to move!

I am working on getting her AKC and UKC papers with the thought that I may show her someday. It will also expand the possible males that may be available if she is registered with them. She is now officially registered with NRTA under the name of Rat Race Madame Mustache.

Maddie, April 2015 - One year old
Maddie, April 2015 – One year old




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