Another try at terrier-in-training

My friend and I once again got together to work on training her Patterdale Terrier to be a little more terrier like, and maybe a bit less Lab! Unfortunately, we are really striking out on finding any locations that have even voles or mice this year! I had recently taken my crew out to the fields where I irrigate in the summer, and Colt caught a mouse, so I was sure the crew would find something for little Grim to hunt this trip, but no luck. Heck even the prairie dogs weren’t out this time, which is unusual, as there are normally a ton of them out and about. But I was able to get some half way decent photographs and a short video, and the dogs all had a great time hunting through the tall grasses. It really amazes me how quick and agile these terriers are, and they are such a joy to watch. They had a good day, even if it wasn’t a successful hunt. It was a great time to get more socializing in and just get out and enjoy this warm weather we’ve been having. I am still on the look out for a place to hunt my crew.

Here is a link to the video on YouTube: Ratties and a Patterdale

And some photos of the crew…

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