Teaching a Terrier to be a Terrier

About a week ago, EmmaLee, Sammie, Joy and I met up with my friend and her Patterdale pup  to do some critter hunting, as the poor little fellow believes he is a Lab! (Kinda like my Aussies swear they must be part Rat, as they were raised by Rats and act a bit like them, much to my dismay at times! LOL) I had put out some feelers to locate someplace that had some small critters for the gang to hunt and got a lead on a place that was said to be full of bunnies and mice. We were able to meet up on the ranch, but while there was plenty of sign of mouse occupancy, the crew didn’t find any mice in the buildings. Outside, EmmaLee, Sammie and the pup, Grim, did scare up a bunny and gave chase, but it easily eluded them and made a clean getaway.

It was good to see how quickly he made friends with my girls, seeming to know instinctively that they were a bit more like him. He followed Sammie and EmmaLee around the property and ignored his Lab buddy while we were there, so I have hope that he will learn to be a Terrier. We just need to find a location that has more small prey that they can easily hunt and catch, like voles in the fields.  We want to avoid prairie dogs as while they are good to learn on, they have a ton of fleas on them as well as the plague. So prairie dogs are out. We plan on getting together again, hopefully soon and before the colder weather hits, to give him a bit more training and exposure on how to be a Terrier.

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