Visit with a Patterdale Terrier pup

Life has been put on hold here at Rat Race Rat Terriers, so not much to post lately. But a friend of mine contacted me recently about her search for a Patterdale Terrier pup, and after some searching, she located a responsible breeder down in Oklahoma. She contacted me soon after she had brought her little one home, and invited me to bring some of my crew over to meet him and run in their orchard. So I took her up on her offer, loaded up Sammie and Joy in my truck and headed over for a play date with a little black cuter-than-snuff, black Patterdale puppy.

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We were hoping that Sammie and Joy would interact more with him, but he was only 10 weeks old, so they only played a little with him. I have a few snapshots of they playing together. My friend was hoping that my Ratties would find some interesting critter scents and live critters, but although the day was warm and clear, nothing seemed to be out and about. Perhaps we can meet her up there at a later date and they can help show him the ropes. I am betting he will take to it quite naturally!

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