October 2020 – walk in the ‘dobies

The weather has been gorgeous so my crew and I went out for a walk today. Nothing much new, no lizards, no bunnies, and thankfully, no coyotes or foxes. So mostly just some photographs, not much else!

Interesting to note that I walked in a circle, kinda, around my truck. Over these hills that are in the photo, down into a valley and around to the north of where I parked the truck. I had to walk up a hill to get back to it, which was going away from where I had parked it, so the dogs couldn’t see it. (I would have walked almost straight to the truck, but my EmmaLee was not too keen to walk up the hill. She’s been doing well on the supplement I have been giving her, but I still notice some slowing down. She preferred the road to the hill, so up the road we went! I have to remember that she will be 13 years old next month.) There was a fork in the road at the top of the hill, and I was pretty impressed with most of the crew, as they knew where the truck was, even tho’ they have never been to that particular spot. Sadie and Kylie were really insistent about going towards the truck, even if it was downwind from them and they couldn’t see it from where we came up the hill. Colt on the other hand took off to explore the other fork in the road! So typical of him! Heck mom, who wants to go home? LOL

And off they scamper, over the hill!

Fork in the road. Truck is to the left, but out of sight and smell, as wind was coming mostly towards us from the right.
My truck is off to the far let..but they know it is the correct direction…
And to the water trough!

We hiked along the rim above the Gunnison River for a ways, and saw a coal train heading out from the one remaining coal mine in the area. Here are a few of the pictures that I took.

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