Males at Rat Race Rat Terriers


There are currently 2 males residing at Rat Race Rat Terriers:


Rat Race Chance of a Lifetime

Rat Race Chance of a Lifetime

Chance is from Em’s first litter in 2012. He is an amazingly athletic boy, preferring to run beside the 4-wheeler when my husband takes them out while he irrigates on the neighboring ranch. Sadly, he has been neutered. It would have been fun to see what he could have produced with the right female. He easily stands 18″ but due to his racy build, weighs only 25+ lbs.


Rat Race .45 Long Colt


Rat Race .45 Long Colt

Colt definitely shows his Decker and Fire Mountain blood, as he is a well built, solid and muscular boy. At just over a year old, he stands 17″ and weighs 25 lbs. My husband put dibs on him when he was born, as he was the only apricot pup out of an otherwise all black litter. He is a sweetheart, with a cute habit of talking very loudly in greeting me when I come home from work.

2 thoughts on “Males at Rat Race Rat Terriers

  1. Tammy, very nicely presented website, and your dogs look great.I think I will ship you 7 pups, from 2 litters you can fullfill your requests for more babies, lol. You are doing a good job, gal, and I want to compliment you and your troops at Rat Race.

    1. Oh my gosh Susan! Thank you! That means so much to me! I’m learning so much from breeders like you and tons of books and internet articles, but I feel as tho’ I still have a long way to go. I’m looking forward to these little guys getting big enough to take outside and start playing with. Would love to help out with your 7 pups! But I might have to keep a girl for Colt. (wink)

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