EmmaLee, Sammie…and life…

EmmaLee hunting in the field last summer. It’s been a long while since I have written a post. Not much going on really at the moment, as I am still working on getting back on my feet and my own place again. But there are a few things that I wanted to share, some of…… Continue reading EmmaLee, Sammie…and life…

First Training Days of Agility

I have been fortunate to meet a lady through the local sheep and herding world that is a very knowledgeable and successful competitor in agility. She lives close enough for a quick visit, so my friend and I took Chance and m Australian Shepherd, Sadie, up about a month or so ago to get a…… Continue reading First Training Days of Agility

October 2020 – walk in the ‘dobies

The weather has been gorgeous so my crew and I went out for a walk today. Nothing much new, no lizards, no bunnies, and thankfully, no coyotes or foxes. So mostly just some photographs, not much else! Interesting to note that I walked in a circle, kinda, around my truck. Over these hills that are…… Continue reading October 2020 – walk in the ‘dobies

Life in the Slow Lane

Since moving from our original home and into my friend’s place, things have been a bit different and challenging, but we are still all together and doing well. Not much going on particularly at this time, due to close neighbors and not a lot of free time on my part, but I do get the…… Continue reading Life in the Slow Lane

Another try at terrier-in-training

My friend and I once again got together to work on training her Patterdale Terrier to be a little more terrier like, and maybe a bit less Lab! Unfortunately, we are really striking out on finding any locations that have even voles or mice this year! I had recently taken my crew out to the…… Continue reading Another try at terrier-in-training