Where Do They Come Up With This Stuff?

I agree. We need to stand up as a group and fight this. If we don’t, we will never win and our rights as well as our dogs and other animals will slowly be taken from us.

Gordon Setter Expert

Where do they come up with this stuff?  “Dog show plays big role in puppy mill cruelty”

The march against puppy mills and commercial breeding crossed the line to include responsible breeders like you and me quite awhile back. Breeders like us, who are dedicated to promotion and preservation of our breed by planned breeding, genetic health testing and competition at events that showcase our success are equally in the path of the march against commercial breeding. Events like dog shows, hunt tests, obedience trials, field trials, and agility trials have been targeted in the past and we generally brushed those efforts away. As we look at the continual decline in the purebred dog population are we fully understanding that we can and must take action to respond responsibly to propaganda like what is written in the article “Dog show plays big role in puppy mill cruelty”  by Kim…

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