EmmaLee, Sammie…and life…

EmmaLee hunting in the field last summer. It’s been a long while since I have written a post. Not much going on really at the moment, as I am still working on getting back on my feet and my own place again. But there are a few things that I wanted to share, some of…… Continue reading EmmaLee, Sammie…and life…

Life in the Slow Lane

Since moving from our original home and into my friend’s place, things have been a bit different and challenging, but we are still all together and doing well. Not much going on particularly at this time, due to close neighbors and not a lot of free time on my part, but I do get the…… Continue reading Life in the Slow Lane

Dog house for the kids

Earlier this spring, I purchased a 10′ x 12′ lean-to shed with a 4′ porch to put on my friend’s property for my dogs. This will be used mostly while I am not home, or just to let the dogs hang out outside in a fanced and sheltered area. I built a pad with 4″…… Continue reading Dog house for the kids

Puppies – 3 weeks old – group pictures

The pups turned 3 weeks old yesterday, and today I moved them in to the larger pen and out of the large crate. They are toddling around quite well and starting to play together. I should be receiving a training video from Puppy Culture tomorrow which I hope will help me raise these little ones…… Continue reading Puppies – 3 weeks old – group pictures

Roxy – Charlie from the 2013 litter

Roxy (Charlie) – EmmaLee and Guero litter 2013 Roxy, affectionately known as The Chocolate Doughnut because she likes to cuddle up into a tight little ball resting her head on us whenever we sit down. Roxy loves her people and we love her right back. I never thought I was the kind of person that…… Continue reading Roxy – Charlie from the 2013 litter