Pretend show stack photos!

Today I took the pups and myself over to my boss’s house to try to get some show stack photos of the pups. Considering that they have never been asked to stack, they didn’t know the lady that was handling them, and there was a cool breeze blowing, I think they did quite well! Gus and Monte seemed to take it pretty much in stride. These two are going to be really nice pups. Monte is more laid back than Gus, but still is quite active. He just seems to take things in stride pretty well.

Since they will be 6 weeks old tomorrow, I think I will see more of their character develop. If the weather allows, I will start working with them individually and attempt to keep a daily blog on how each does. If possible, I plan on having a temperament test for each pup when they are 8 weeks old.

I am accepting deposits on all but Buck. Buck is going to a couple in Wisconsin. This is their first Rattie, so they’re pretty excited.

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