Foggy day walk

Yesterday morning was a beautiful morning to walk the crew. Although it was foggy, to the point where at times I could barely make out where my house or even the trees stood, it was one of those mornings that just felt exhilarating. The air was cool and damp. Nothing unusual for those who are…… Continue reading Foggy day walk

Another excursion in the field

All the dogs join me when I go out to irrigate our field. They love to play in the water and investigate the prairie dog holes. They usually stay relatively close to me, but sometimes they run down with the big dogs to check out all the scents in the prairie dog town at the…… Continue reading Another excursion in the field

2013 Litter – 8 weeks old

My son and I attempted to take photos of the pups in a somewhat show stack the other day. While they are used to being played with and handled that way, when it comes to standing pretty, they just had no clue! And the funny fellow with that weird thing in his hands that was…… Continue reading 2013 Litter – 8 weeks old

Pretend show stack photos!

Today I took the pups and myself over to my boss’s house to try to get some show stack photos of the pups. Considering that they have never been asked to stack, they didn’t know the lady that was handling them, and there was a cool breeze blowing, I think they did quite well! Gus…… Continue reading Pretend show stack photos!