A bit of socialization

Today I took Chance and Sammie down to Falkenhof Kennels here in Delta, mostly to work on socialization. They did so well, I was very proud of them! Even Sammie, who is only 4 1/2 months old, was quite well behaved. There were several other dogs of different types there, and neither of them seemed to be too worried or concerned. In fact, other than Chance, being an intact male, wanting to check out the other dogs, they were content to lie at my feet and snooze during the Canine Good Citizen testing that was taking place. I had quite a few compliments of how nice looking they were as well as how well mannered they were, especially when I explained to them that I live where I can’t socialize that easily and Sammie is just a young pup.

For the last hour, we were allowed to try out the agility equipment that she had out. Chance was a little hesitant at first but started to warm up to it and go through the tunnels after a bit. I had asked a nice lady to hold Sammie so I could take Chance through, and after a few minutes, she asked if she could take Sammie through the course. Sammie did very well, approaching the jumps and teeter totters and walk with interest. The only one she didn’t really like was the weave poles. Probably don’t make any sense to her…why go in and out of a bunch of poles? How silly! I wonder how much it helped her to have been raised with ‘red neck’ agility equipment in the puppy pen. I had different sized pipes and boards out for the pups to go through and climb over as well as a make shift teeter totter. I honestly feel that with just a little bit of training, she’d take right to it and fly through that course!

Sadly, I didn’t get any photographs of them, as I had left the camera at home. I hope to find a way to build some jumps and other obstacles soon and work on them here at home. I think all of the dogs would be better for it, even Sage! Then I can get some photos and videos and post them.

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