First Training Days of Agility

I have been fortunate to meet a lady through the local sheep and herding world that is a very knowledgeable and successful competitor in agility. She lives close enough for a quick visit, so my friend and I took Chance and m Australian Shepherd, Sadie, up about a month or so ago to get a…… Continue reading First Training Days of Agility

Life in the Slow Lane

Since moving from our original home and into my friend’s place, things have been a bit different and challenging, but we are still all together and doing well. Not much going on particularly at this time, due to close neighbors and not a lot of free time on my part, but I do get the…… Continue reading Life in the Slow Lane

Visit with a Patterdale Terrier pup

Life has been put on hold here at Rat Race Rat Terriers, so not much to post lately. But a friend of mine contacted me recently about her search for a Patterdale Terrier pup, and after some searching, she located a responsible breeder down in Oklahoma. She contacted me soon after she had brought her…… Continue reading Visit with a Patterdale Terrier pup

We will be having puppies!!

It looks like Sammie is definitely pregnant! She is starting to show a bit of a pudge, so believe our girl is going to have puppies here in about a month! I am debating on whether or not I will be docking tails on all the puppies, so if you are looking for a pup,…… Continue reading We will be having puppies!!