Sammie and Joy – Mother and daughter

I continue to be amazed at how close Sammie and her daughter Joy are. They play together on a regular basis and frequently sleep together. At night, they both jump on the bed and sleep with us, while the other dogs sleep either on the floor, doggie beds, the couch/futon or the pups in the crates. They still remain sweet and loving, with a bit of imp in them. Joy still plays with the pups, but not quite as much as before. I do find her mothering them at times, although now she is 6 months old and the pups are just over 4 months old, so they don’t need much mothering.

Sammie is accompanying dad when he goes to irrigate and is maturing into a nice muscular dog. Joy, being just a pup still, is light and lanky, but not as much as her dad was. She has a bit more substance to her but isn’t large or big boned. Her tail is like a whip,  and reminds me of why I prefer docked tails! But I expect next year she will be as buff as Sammie and Chance, as dad takes her with him to irrigate too.

The other day, dad didn’t take Joy with him to irrigate, but took Sammie and Chance. When he reached where he was going, he was surprised to find Joy along side him. Luckily it wasn’t far, and he’d been going slow. He had no clue that she was following him.

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