Day 2 – Scent training

The pots used for training.
The pots used for training.

Too much time has passed since my first day of training for scent work. Life is kinda bumpy right now, so I’m not really able to put the time into that I want. The good news is, the dogs are actually picking it up. Now I just have to work on training them consistently. That is my own challenge to myself and all of my Ratties. They are awesome dogs and really deserve the time and attention. I just have to start thinking differently and not feel that I have to have a huge block of time to train them in. If I can just do one or two when I have a few minutes, than do another couple later on in the day, I can accomplish this goal that I have put up for myself.

I brought in Em this time, and she was trying really hard to figure out what I wanted by offering me some of her other tricks that she knows. She kept looking at me and would put a paw out, and just look at me. I think she’ll get it tho’, as she’s a smart girl and enjoys working with me.  I haven’t tried Chance yet.

Colt did well. Basically picking up where we left off. Which is interesting, as I had interrupted his nap on the couch to train him this time. So in the middle of stretches, he’s got his nose going and finding the tea bag. Good boy Colt! What I think is cute is watching the wheels turn. He’ll put his nose in a pot, then look at me expecting a treat. After a few seconds, he’ll try another pot, and if that doesn’t work, he’ll try the other pot. I can see him figuring it out, a bit slow, as the trainer is inconsistent, but he’s starting to understand it.

Joy was ok too. She’s still learning, and like Colt, will stick her nose in a pot and then look at me hoping to get a treat. I have faith in her as if she’s anything like her momma Sammie, she’ll pick right up on it.

Sammie came in with lots of enthusiasm. She was really interested in finding the right pot, but I noticed that her interest waned kinda quickly. I need to find out what I’m doing wrong and what I can do to keep her motivated. Maybe a different treat? Toy maybe instead of hotdogs? I don’t know yet, but I’ll definitely be thinking on it. With Sammie, I can start putting the pots out a bit further, hiding them a bit behind things in my room, and up the challenge. I’ll watch her next time more closely to see where she gets put off. Maybe back it down just a bit, although I haven’t really challenged her yet. I’ll see if I can get a video of her next time, so I can watch what she’s doing, what I’m doing and where her interest dies down.

Maddie did really well. I am impressed with her, considering the fact that she wasn’t interested the first time, preferring instead to curl up on the small blanket in my room and sleep. I worked with her later in the day, so she wasn’t as tired, and was more alert. And she’s a bit older by a few weeks, so that helps.  She is the only one that I have photos of, oh, and one shot with Joy in it, as I didn’t bring the camera out until after I was done. I figured I would take a snapshot of the tools that I am using, and when I put them on the floor, Maddie came running in and stuck her nose in the pot that usually has the scent article. So I took a quick video of Maddie.


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