Rat Terrier family reunion with Sammie, Joy and Holly

Today my husband, Sammie, Joy and I went to visit Holly and her new doggy parents. My husband was missing her a lot, so we contacted her new owners and arranged to go down to see them. We left Sammie and Joy in the truck while we went in to see what she would do when she first saw us, and we were pleasantly pleased that she ran over to us like she knew who we were. She climbed all over my lap and gave me puppy kisses, then greeted my husband. After a few minutes, I went out and got Sammie and Joy. Interesting thing is they didn’t seem to recognize Holly, although I think Holly remembered them a bit and was puzzled as to why they didn’t seem to know her. They did loosen up and start playing together after my two girls checked out the property.

I am so amazed at how handsome and gorgeous these three dogs are. I know I am a bit prejudiced, but dang, I could look at them all day! It’s also amazing how Sammie looks like her sire Guero, Joy looks like Sammie, and Holly looks like all three, no, four of them. She does seem to have a bit heavier bone, due to Colt being her sire, but I don’t think she’ll get much bigger than Sammie and Holly. Maybe a little bit larger, but I don’t think she’ll be quite as big as her great grandma, EmmaLee. EmmaLee is 16″ and 25 lbs, more or less. It will be interesting to see how she matures.

She is now 15 weeks old and around 9 lbs. We’re wondering if her ears will prick, but love her little button ear look, so no one is too concerned about it. The girls at the vet’s office absolutely love her wrinkled forehead and spoil her rotten.

We are really taken by her rich red/copper coloring on her legs and head. Much more rich than either Sammie or Joy. Not sure where it comes from, but it is really striking. I think she is well put together, and is growing well. Her new dad is taking her to puppy classes and from what he says, she’s doing well. She’s also doing well in house manners and going out with them. She still takes things in stride and doesn’t seem to be too bothered by new experiences.

Since she likes to dig a bit, she has a red planter box that they have filled with sand that she loves to jump into. She liked to jump in there to get away from Sammie and Joy and act like she was hiding from them. Its one of her favorite spots in the yard.

I can tell that she is much loved and well spoiled, and I am so grateful to Duncan and Kristie to recommend her parents as the new owners of little Holly. They really needed her and it makes me happy to see the three of them together. She’s such a happy, loving little girl. While I did teasingly pick her up and say, ok, let’s go, I know she is in an awesome home. Thank you so much Keith and Lucia! We are so glad that you are part of the Rat Race Rat Terrier family!

Ok, now some of the tons of photos that I took! Sammie has a black collar, Joy has the red collar, and Holly doesn’t have a collar on.

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