Exciting news at Rat Race Rat Terriers – puppies!


It is official! Sammie is definitely pregnant! Just in the last few days, she has gained almost 2 pounds! She is due on the 4th of July, so the puppies will be ready to go to their new homes in mid September. My Colt is the sire to the pups. I hope these two combined will put good bone and solid build, thick coat, good angulation and excellent temperaments on the pups. I expect the pups will be very people oriented, friendly and easy to train. Hunt will be very strong, as both Sammie and Colt successfully hunt and kill prairie dogs, mice and an occasional squirrel and cottontail bunny.

Both are very smart and loyal. As a puppy Sammie learned quickly how to escape from the puppy pen to be with us. Colt learned how to shake hands with only 2 or 3 tries. Now he consistently offers to shake when asked. They are both eager to please and learn new commands easily. Sammie has just about become my husband’s side kick and will watch to see what he is doing before she will consider going with me for a walk. If they just got back from irrigating, she will go with me, or if he is still in his sweats and hasn’t really dressed to go out to work. If they haven’t gone out yet, she will stay with him and wait to go irrigating.

I expect them to be medium sized Standards, as Sammie brings in the Maxwell and CalVal lines of small standards and miniatures, although as anyone knows with Rat Terriers, there can be a variety of sizes in the litter. Colt is roughly 17″ and 25+ lbs., Sammie is 14″-15″ and 19 lbs. Colt is very solid in build with good bone. Sammie is more petite and refined, but with great angulation and very athletic.

With color, I believe there is a chance of apricot, chocolate and black.

Bloodline wise, it will be a bit heavier on the Decker and Fire Mountain lines, but will also have, as mentioned, Maxwell and CalVal as well as the dogs from Iowa. I plan to work with this combination with the goal of developing a well-built sturdy Rat Terrier with good bone, correct angulation, thick coat, and excellent temperament, that are willing to please, love being with their people and that have strong hunt instincts. My preferred size is 16″- 18″ and 25 -30 lbs. I personally feel that this is the perfect size. Small enough in the home and vehicle, but with some weight behind them for some of the larger critters that they may encounter, keeping in mind that they are called RAT Terriers. This is what I will be working on with this combination and going forward.

As a note, I do not remove dewclaws, and I am seriously considering leaving the tails on this time around.

I am currently working on getting AKC and UKC registration for my dogs, so these pups may be registerable with these two registries if I can get it all sorted out by then.

I will require a Puppy Buyer Questionnaire for any potential puppy buyers. Pups will be sold for $400 with a life-time health guarantee. They will sold with the understanding and commitment that IF for any reason the new owners can not keep the pup, the puppy WILL be returned to me.

Please contact me if you are interested in a pup at ratraceratterriers@hotmail.com or 970-773-1215.


2 thoughts on “Exciting news at Rat Race Rat Terriers – puppies!

  1. This is a good story ,,, Keep’em coming
    I haven’t found a dog I want to adopt yet . Hope U still have me in mind. I would love to get one of Ur pups but at my age I need an old dog like me for companionship and pretend hunting , now sooner than late . Pat Neff

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