Puppies are now 7 1/2 weeks old

Gosh how time flies! The puppies are now 7 1/2 weeks old. Only a few more weeks before they are gone! Little Rascal has found his forever home, so soon they will all be with their new families and our house will be quiet.

Puppies went in for their first round of shots last week and are scheduled the first week of September for their second round. All are healthy and thriving, although Rascal is staying pretty small. I think he should mature around Sammie’s size tho’, maybe a bit smaller.

Here is a video of them in my office area this morning, romping around.

They’ve been coming down to the chicken coop with me on some mornings, so I got a few snapshots of them. Red, my one hen, taught a few of them that they shouldn’t mess with chickens. Hopefully this litter will not get any of my birds!

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Here’s the gang hanging out on their pad during the middle of a hot day…

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