Rat Terrier puppies at 6 weeks old

The puppies turned 6 weeks old on August 11th, 2015. I’ve got an appointment set up for them to go in for their first round of shots and worming on Friday. They are all doing very well, and are happy puppies. They spend part of their day in our kennel where I have toys and obstacle courses set up for them so they can have some variety and challenges. They currently have an irrigation pipe to walk through, a dog walk that is frequently knocked off the flat rocks that it lays on, so sometimes it moves when they step on it, and another rock. I’ll be changing things up for them over the next few weeks so they can gain more exposure to different things.

When we can, we let them run loose and interact with the other dogs on the patio, yard and garden area. Maddie has been really good with them, playing with them and taking a nap with them. Joy will sometimes join in, as will Colt. As they get a little older, Tucker, our English Shepherd, is also starting to play with them more, as does grandma EmmaLee. Whenever Sammie comes around, they want to nurse, but as she starts to wean them, she is starting to play with them more, and they are starting to learn to play with her instead of seeing her as the milk bar. Billy the cat has been a great helper too. He is so patient with them and allows them all sorts of latitude with him, as they grab his tail and try to drag him off. Billy complains to them and swats at them, no claws, or gently bites at them. He seems to enjoy them, as he could leave any time he wants, but as long as they don’t get too overwhelming and rough, he stays with them and plays with them. (I still can’t believe someone could dump such an awesome cat!)

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They are a bit young yet to start house training too seriously, but they are getting better at where they go potty in the exercise pen in the house. Once the puppy pad is staying drier at night, I will start locking them in crates at night and working on house training them, so they should be getting the idea pretty well when they go to their new homes.

They like to play with the toys that I have in their pen, as well as going through the tunnel and on the dog walk. They play tug of war with each other as well as with me. They are also learning doggy manners when playing with the older dogs and learning more about bite inhibition and being polite and well mannered dogs. They were starting to get pretty nippy and biting hard with me, but with distractions and mild punishments, they aren’t biting nearly as hard as they were a week ago, nor as often. While they still like to chew on my shoes and shoelaces and tug on my pant legs, they are not doing it as often either, so they are learning.

All of the puppies love to climb all over us when given the chance. They won’t follow us out too far as they have a small comfort zone still, but it is growing a bit all the time. Individual personalities are starting to come out a little bit, but it is still a little early to tell too much. I’ve noticed that Rocky likes to climb in my lap if it is available when he’s sleepy. Isis is pretty independent, as is Thor. Rascal holds his own against the much larger puppies. Charlie seems to be more laid back and quiet for the most part. Hannah is a happy girl, her tail wags a mile a minute! Surprisingly, they all come pretty well when called, even by name. They aren’t perfect and get easily distracted, but they do really well for such young puppies.

Sammie is starting to wean them although she still allows them to nurse at times. We are feeding them canned puppy food and puppy food kibble with some baby rice cereal mixed in. They get fed several times during the day, but they are not huge eaters except for morning at this time. I’m sure that will change over time. I’ll introduce some new foods to them such as grated carrots and cooked chicken. I always feed my dogs something a little extra at dinner, so will do so with the puppies too. They are pleasantly plump right now. Here are the weights as of this evening for each puppy:

  • Rascal – 2 lbs., 10.6 oz.
  • Charlie – 3 lbs., 11.2 oz.
  • Hannah – 3 lbs., 15.1 oz.
  • Thor – 5 lbs., 3.6 oz.
  • Rocky – 3 lbs., 12.6 oz.
  • Isis – 4 lbs., 4.2 oz.

Here is a video I took last night when I had them in the kennel.

And of course, some pictures of them hanging out…

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