All the puppies have moved on…

Thor’s owners came by to pick him up yesterday. It was great to see Loki, Magnum from last year’s Decker line litter, again. (He is Thor’s uncle.) He’s looking really good. He’s built a lot more like Chance, very slim and racy compared to Colt. I really liked Loki’s temperament. He was laid back, but alert, not minding half of the home pack checking him out. My crew also responded well to him, and maybe if we had left them together for a bit, most of them would have started playing with him. But we figured it was better if Thor was the only one to spend much time with him as he is going to be living with him, so we put all the dogs in the house and let Thor and Loki hang out together.

Thor enjoyed meeting Loki and followed him around and played with him a bit before crashing on the dog bed and snoozin’ until his new owners were ready to leave. I think that once they establish who is who, the two of them will spend many hours playing and hanging out together.

All reports from the puppies’ new homes have been positive. Interesting to note that all of the puppies who have gone to homes with other dogs have a bigger brother or sister to watch over them and play with as those dogs take them under their paws to help them adjust to their new homes. They seem to be settling in well and becoming adjusted to the new noises and people in their lives. Little Rascal flew out to New York state and at last report has impressed and bewitched all who have met him.

I don’t currently have any plans for another litter for this year. I may have one, possibly two, litters next year. I’ll post any new developments here.

Now that it is quiet in the house, plans will kick in to really, honestly start working the pack in scent work. I should have access to two shops during the winter, which will give me lots of opportunities to challenge my crew. I’ve been watching YouTube videos on training for scent work, trying to learn best how I can train them without goofing up. They are willing and able, and I look forward to what I will be able to accomplish during the winter.

2 thoughts on “All the puppies have moved on…

  1. My husband and I have a lovely boy rattie we named Eddie. His UKC name is Halfmoon’s Midnight Poe-et (He was named for Edgar Allan Poe). I think that Loki is the same Loki Eddie is related to. Loki would be Eddie’s uncle. Anyway, my husband and I are looking for another rat terrier. I would be interested in hearing from you. Feel free to e-mail me anytime. Looking forward to it!

    1. Hello Brandi,
      I like the name of your Rattie. Edgar Allen Poe was an interesting poet.

      I believe you are referring to a different Loki, as the Loki referred to here is only an uncle to my recent litter or the litter in WI of a friend of mine. I think I may know of which Loki you are talking about, but he’s not of my breeding.

      What time frame are you looking for another Rattie in? I know of two litters that are due soon. One is up in the Casper, WY, area and one will be in Kiowa, CO. I do not plan on having a litter again until sometime next year, but nothing is definite yet.



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