December puppy update

Hubby and I had the chance to visit Cricket’s litter yesterday. They are now about 7 1/2 weeks old, and growing like weeds. Kristie and Duncan are considering keeping one of the males, but haven’t decided yet which one. They are leaning towards the white and apricot boy or the darker apricot boy. The little white and apricot pup appears to have a more loving, attentive temperament, listening to them and seeming to prefer to stay closer to them, while the darker apricot is affectionate but also more independent. He sounds a bit like our Colt, who is affectionate, loves to lay on my hubby when he’s watching tv or hangs out on the table behind me when I am on the computer, but who also has a bit more independent streak and does things a bit more on his time schedule, not yours. He sounds like he would be a great pup for someone who understands dogs and knows how to work with them more on an equal partnership. The other little male pup is the chunkiest and is also still not quite as coordinated as his siblings. Temperament wise, from what I saw and what Kristie and Duncan have said, he is a middle of the road, low-key kind of pup. Nothing spectacular, but a pup that would be fun and easy to have around. The little girl was also a sweet heart, with a good personality. She is going to a family close to them so she is not available. One of the boys will be looking for their forever home, just not sure which one. For more information, talk to Duncan at 970-275-6469.

Here is a video of the crew and momma Cricket.

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