Puppy Announcement!!

POSTING THIS FOR A FRIEND/PUPPY BUYER – Cricket, Josie from the Decker line Rat Terrier litter, has whelped 4 healthy puppies! The sire is Diesel from the Clan Clark kennel. There are three males, surprisingly enough apricot and white, and one female who is a black tri like her mom and dad. The boys are NBT (natural bob tail). The puppies were born on December 21 and will be looking to go to their new homes the end of February, 2016. They should be in the Montrose, Colorado area at that time.

As they are a higher percent of Decker line, we expect these puppies to be on the larger side, 16′”-18″+ and 25+ lbs. They should have awesome hunting capabilities, as their sire Diesel, is a hog hunting dog and has many successful hunts under his collar. Cricket comes from a line that are avid hunters, gladly taking on mice, squirrels, prairie dogs, rabbits and coyotes.


2 thoughts on “Puppy Announcement!!

  1. are any pups available – we have been considering a ratty pup for a while. we currently have a female bc, we live in Erie CO.

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