Copper is here and available!

We went into town today and picked up little Copper, the last male pup from my friend’s litter. He was whelped on Dec. 21, 2015, and is out of Cricket (Josie from my 2014 Decker line Rat Terrier litter) and by Clan Clark Diesel. He is apricot and white with a natural bob-tail. While not as heavily boned as his brother or his uncle Colt, he has good bone structure. I think he will remain a bit on the smaller side, but will be built well. He is up to date on shots and PLL clear by parentage.

Here are two pictures of Uncle Colt and him side by side. Hubby and I are amazed at how their collars are so similar! Although Copper is just a pup, he actually reminds me of Colt. It was kinda cute, as we had taken Colt with us to meet Duncan. I forgot my camera as we were running a bit late, so sadly not pictures. But Cricket wanted to play with Colt and little Copper joined in, or tried to. Colt was affectionate to Copper on the way home, then appeared to protect him a bit with the rest of the crew came out to meet him. I love these two pictures!

So far I like his temperament. He did really well with my pack, considering we have so many! He’s not fussy although he does love laps! He appears to be pretty laid back, but very inquisitive outside with the crew. I vacuum my place with a shop vac (too many dogs and dirt!) and he was batting at the nozzle end! He does love to be with people, although he wasn’t upset when we put him outside with the rest of the crew. He’s met both of the main house cats and didn’t try to do anything with them. He checked them out, but did not react other than to sniff them a bit. Tomorrow I will see what he does with the poultry.

I took him out for a walk with the crew for a bit when we returned home and the other dogs are accepting him for the most part. I’m betting that within a day or two it’ll be like he’s been here all along. Joy was a bit overwhelming, and he was a bit leery of Sage when he was trying to play with Maddie. But he’s comfortable with them all, and willing to get to know them and run with the pack. He’s not use to the dogs running full blast into or around him yet.

I took a lot of shots and a short video of Copper while out in the field today. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Copper is here and available!

  1. Hello I am looking for adopt a rat terrier. Is Copper up for adoption? I’ve been looking for months for the right one 🙂 Thank you so much,

    Laura in Delta CO

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