Copper – Day 2

P1170716I am super pleased with this pup! He seems to have a nice, balanced temperament and absolutely LOVES being with people! He is definitely a cuddler, preferring to be on a lap or close to us for now. That might change a bit as he relaxes, but he definitely is very people oriented. The rest of the pack has welcomed him in and accepted him. Sammie is a bit grumpy with him, but JoyJoy is regularly inviting him to play. At times, it seems like Colt has taken him under his wing and guards him a bit from the other dogs. Chance tried to play with him today, but I think all of those long legs kinda scared him! But he did act like he wanted to play. Just wasn’t too sure.

He went out with me last night when I went out to put the chickens to bed. He wasn’t too sure of all that flapping and noise and wouldn’t come back in the coop. This morning he was a bit braver, especially with Uncle Colt by his side, and he thought about smelling them to check them out. I’m sure that by tomorrow or maybe even this afternoon, he’ll be smelling them and coming in the coop with the rest of the crew.

This little guy slept all night in the crate with nary a whimper. He did go out around midnight or so, but didn’t stir again until this morning. He has had a few accidents in the house, but I think it’s because everything is new and he is still figuring things out. I think he’ll be fine once he gets the rhythm of the place.

Took him for a walk out in the ‘dobies with the gang. I shortened the walk about half way, but it was still a looong walk for a little guy! I stopped for short breaks a few times and carried him a bit. He’s crashed behind me on the table now, down for the count!

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He went into the chicken coop with me tonight when I went in to close up for the night. He’s pretty brave! I had seen him checking out the chickens in the front yard earlier today and he was kind of chasing one to get a better sniff, but he didn’t chase him for too long.

I noticed today that he is almost as tall as my smaller girls, who are around 14″ tall and 20 lbs. So we are thinking he should mature to about 15″- 16″ and up to 25 lbs. He has some nice sized paws without being huge, so he has some growing to do. We don’t think he will be as big as Colt, as he doesn’t seem to have the bone mass that Colt has. But he should fill out nicely.

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