Update on Sammie and Hercules litter March 2018

It is with much sadness that I report there were no puppies this week, and Sammie is not pregnant. She had developed a little, bitty belly, and I kept hoping, but it was not to be. I do not know at the moment when I will be trying again, but I have several disappointed people who I care a lot about who were looking forward to a puppy from this litter. I may try again when she comes into heat, possibly in May sometime, which would be July puppies, going to their new homes in September or October. I will keep you posted of any developments for puppies as I know them.

5 thoughts on “Update on Sammie and Hercules litter March 2018

  1. Again, I’m so sorry to hear this. I know you’re as disappointed as we are. Maybe next time will be the right time.

  2. Good Morning,
    My husband and I just lost our girl of 12 years to cancer. She was the best, and as we don’t have children she was very much our dog-child. We miss her so much. I was looking for pictures online to find other dogs that looked like our girl and saw your Sammie. She is a beautiful girl.
    Is there a list we can be added to for a girl puppy from Sammie with a long tail?
    Many thanks,
    A. Page

    1. Good morning!

      I am so sorry to of your loss. It is always heartbreaking to see your dogs go ahead of you.

      I would be more than happy to place you on my puppy list. I am not sure when I will have another litter, as I will be moving soon. If you want a puppy sooner, let me know if I can help you locate one.



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