Roxy – Charlie from the 2013 litter

Roxy (Charlie) – EmmaLee and Guero litter 2013

Roxy, affectionately known as The Chocolate Doughnut because she likes to cuddle up into a tight little ball resting her head on us whenever we sit down. Roxy loves her people and we love her right back. I never thought I was the kind of person that would sleep with a dog but with Roxy, it is easy to do. She is so full of love and comfort.

Roxy the “Therapy Dog”

She is so good with our kids. We have 5 (teenagers to 6 yrs old). She is excited and playful when they are and complete calm when the rest of us are. She is always good at reading the mood and reflects it. Each day everyone fights over Roxy, who gets to cuddle with her on the couch or who gets to snuggle up with her at night. She has always been very tolerant and accepting of their affection. She is the first thing that everyone looks for when they come home and she greets us affectionately. She is the best thing for bad days, sad moments, and teenage hurts and reaches places that I can’t. She cuddles up with the kids at bedtime and waits for them to fall asleep before she leaves. Another fun ritual she has is that when my teenagers are not home until late she waits for them by the door and will not settle in to bed until all her are gathered in. It is so funny and she does it like clockwork every time.

Fun Things

She loves to be with her people as had been mentioned several times with this breed. I put my coat on she is ready to go. She does not like long car rides but loves to be with me to run short errands. She is a sun worshiper and finds any warm spot there is in the house and moves around with it all day long. She does not like the wet cold ground when it snows she is definitely an indoor dog.

Sorry I didn’t make my bed. Roxy wouldn’t get off!

She has been incredibly easy to train. She does everything we have trained her to do. Even the bad my kids have introduced. Her favorite tricks are to play stick ‘em up, shake, rollover and she commando crawls across the floor.

She is a wonderful dog. I did not know how much we needed her until she came home. I wish I could clone her so I would have her forever. If you can’t tell, we love our girl!

Carol Erekson

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