Outdoor Adventure

Just wanted to post pictures of the puppies on their outdoor adventures. I brought in the whole pack to let them interact with the puppies. It was interesting to see my younger dogs interact with the pups. Sadie, the larger Australian Shepherd,  is funny, as she acts afraid of the pups on one hand, but then plays with them when in the pen with them.  Kylie pretty much ignored them, other than checking them out, and Bet, who is a puppy herself, enjoys playing with them, and is actually very gentle with the pups when she plays with them.

I am glad that I have different dogs to introduce the puppies to, so that they will not as easily be afraid of dogs that are different or larger than they are. And they learn how to respect dogs that don’t want to play with them, but willingly engage with those that offer to play.

Here is a video I shot while they were all in the puppy pen.


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2 thoughts on “Outdoor Adventure

    1. Thank you! Yes, I am heartbroken about Tucker. He died of hemangiosarcoma. And he wasn’t even 8 years old.

      My Kelpie is supposedly a Kelpie/Aussie cross, but he sure looks and acts like a full Kelpie. No matter, he’s my lovable goofball and really good with stock. 🙂

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