Puppies are 7 weeks old now – October 2018

I have been negligent on updating my puppies’ progress as my life is very unsettled and crazy right now. So here is a quick update on them and what I have been doing with them so far.

I currently have them confined to the bathroom, where they have some room to move and have a nice, heated floor. They are becoming really good about going potty on the puppy pad that I have in one spot. Not perfect, but doing really well considering their age. It also helps if they don’t consider it a toy! I do praise them and tell them “good go potty” when I am there and see them going potty on the pad.

They are being taught to settle down and sit and are doing really well with that. I am starting to put the word “sit” with their actions, and maybe a bit of “stay” although at this age I don’t expect a very long stay! As I don’t like them jumping all over me, especially in my face, (I swear they are pogo sticks!), I am lightly disciplining them from this, and they are responding well to it. I also do not allow them to chew on my clothes, shoes or hair, so hopefully, they are developing some good puppy manners. I will try to get a video of them learning “sit” and to settle down later on and post it.

They have been introduced to Billy the cat, who comes in for short visits. The pups have responded extremely well when I scold them and tell them not to mutilate the kitty, and while they still continue to chew and tug on him, they are much more restrained.

They went in for their 6-weeks-old shots last week and were thoroughly examined by the veterinarian. He pronounced them all in good health. I have also wormed them once, and will worm them again before they go to their new homes. They are worm free according to the 6-week checkup, but it is always a good thing to monitor, as I have been hearing that the worms are becoming resistant to the medicine out there.

Due to my current living situation, and the weather, I have been unable to work with the pups like I have done in the past, but was finally able to put them out for a bit in their new enclosure outside. Bagsley and Tippy were the first out of the crate to start exploring their new surroundings, with little Lancelot and Pistol Annie hanging back and just poking their heads out of the crate. But it didn’t take them long before they were out exploring their new area, and within a half an hour, they were all running around, digging and climbing, and hanging out with their momma, Sammie. Here is a  video of the puppies outside adventure when I first put them out, and here is the link to the second video after they had been out for just a bit. They did find the cat door, and climbed in there to explore. It would be a great place for them to crash, and if I have the other dogs out on the other side of the pen, and weather permits, I may encourage them to sleep in the little cat room. I just don’t want to leave them out there without some type of adult supervision!

I have a 16 week old Australian Shepherd pup here, cousin to my Sadie, who I have put in with these pups and let them have some supervised play time. She does really well with them, and they love climbing over her and playing hide-and-go-seek with her. Sure with the weather would warm up and stay dry for a week so that these kids could really get some good play time in!

Here are some pictures that I have taken over the last few weeks for your enjoyment. This litter has really impressed me with their willingness to listen and to behave as well as 7 week old puppies can. I will miss them when they are gone to their new homes soon!

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