Surprise Litter!

Well, what can one expect with my houdini girl? Early Wednesday morning, Sammie whelped four healthy pups. Their father is Chance, her full brother. Not something that I had ever planned on doing, but my dogs had other ideas. And, like I said, with a houdini girl…

Sammie and pups are doing well, and she is being a very attentive momma. She had two females and two males starting at 3:50 am on Wednesday, January 29, 2014. By 4:30, she had had 3 pups, and at 6 I crawled back into bed. When we got up a half hour later, we were surprised to find another pup, male #2. The girls are both chocolate tris, the males are both chocolate piebalds. I am pleased that they all weighed consistently around 7 oz., the first female being a bit over, the second female being a bit under, and both boys just a shade under at 6.9 oz.

They will be available to new homes sometime after they are 10-12 weeks old, middle to late April. I will be putting up a page for her litter so check there for any updates, etc. Due to the special circumstances of these pups, I will be very selective on their new homes, as I will want to keep an eye on them for any health issues that may occur, as well as to watch them mature so that I can see what this line will produce. I don’t expect any health issues, as they are healthy dogs, with a very varied pedigree. But, things happen.

I expect them to be very intelligent, loyal to their owner, cuddle bugs, with plenty of hunt and tenacity. Both are very fast dogs, so these pups should be excellent in agility and flyball. I have begun to work with Sammie a bit with scent work, so they should have potential in this field as well. As they come from hunting lines, I expect them to all be awesome hunters. I have not, nor do I plan on docking their tails or removing their dewclaws. This is a personal choice on my end. I believe that they should stay natural, as nature, or if you will, the Good Lord, has created them.  Contact me at ratraceratterriers @ if you are interested in one of these pups. Or call me at 970-773-1215.

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