Puppies due in a week!

Sammie is definitely getting bigger! Poor girl is uncomfortable with the higher than normal temperatures, so we keep her in the house with the air conditioner going. She still goes with my hubby when he irrigates, but he only takes her in the morning while it is still cool out. Otherwise, she’s been staying at…… Continue reading Puppies due in a week!

Rat Terrier puppies at 5 1/2 weeks old.

Sammie’s pups are doing well so far. Earlier this week, I took each puppy individually to work with them to see how they would do alone with a person and a toy or two. All did wonderful, actively wanting to play with the toy. None of them whined to get out of the room to…… Continue reading Rat Terrier puppies at 5 1/2 weeks old.

Play time for the Rat Terrier pups

The weather has been too cold and wet to be able to put the pups out during the day, so I’ve been playing with them in our bathroom at night. Easier to clean and not so much to get into as the rest of the house. They are doing well at just over 5 weeks…… Continue reading Play time for the Rat Terrier pups

Surprise Litter!

Well, what can one expect with my houdini girl? Early Wednesday morning, Sammie whelped four healthy pups. Their father is Chance, her full brother. Not something that I had ever planned on doing, but my dogs had other ideas. And, like I said, with a houdini girl… Sammie and pups are doing well, and she…… Continue reading Surprise Litter!