Sammie and her month old Rat Terrier pups

Sammie’s pups are doing really well. They all mob me when I come to the puppy pen and when I go in, they love to climb all over me, tails wagging like crazy. This morning they were pulling on my clothes with delight. They are beginning to develop their own little personalities, although at just over a month old, a month and 2 days, they are still pretty much a blank page. So far they are all very affectionate and love to be held and played with. They are starting to interact more with each other and play with the toys that I have in their pen.

In the next week or two I will start working with them individually, playing with a ball and a tug toy to see how they will react to me, as well as start doing some basic obedience, such as sit. I will also be working a bit of nose work with them, just to see how they do. Weather permitting, once they are about 6 weeks old, I will put them outside on a regular basis, and start working them out in the front yard individually.

I have updated the litter page, creating an individual page for each puppy.

Here are some snapshots I took of Sammie tonight as well as a video, as they were all being so dang cute! Sammie was being extremely patient with all of them, even tho’ they were climbing and laying all over her. Chance wanted to play with them for a minute, so he tried to jump up as well.

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